Small Cell Information

AT&T is working to enhance our network through deploying new enhancements called small cells.

Small cells help deliver increased data capacity, faster connectivity speeds and an overall better wireless experience. Small cells will also help us prepare for future developments in technologies, such as smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT).

What is a small cell?

We only build cell sites where needed to improve service

Think of small cell as a mini-cell site — they support traditional macro cell towers by bolstering coverage and capacity in targeted areas where it’s most needed. Low profile, compact, scalable and unobtrusive, small cells improve network performance by densifying our network, meaning data doesn’t have to travel as far. 

How are small cells installed?

We seek to attach to existing structures first and install new poles only when existing structures are unavailable

Small cells are typically used in dense urban environments with lots of demand for service and in challenging geographic environments that create coverage gaps. When placed outdoors, small cells are generally attached to existing utility poles, light poles, traffic lights in the right-of-way, but in some circumstances can be attached to exterior walls of buildings. Small cells cannot replace macro cell towers and instead complement their coverage where larger towers simply won’t fit.

How are sites selected for small cell deployment?

We consider a variety of factors. Applicable siting and permitting requirements are always taken into account. We also look to see where we might have potential performance challenges within the network and use that data to help guide where we need to target small cells. Speed, cost, flexibility and scalability are all vital to determining if small cells are the right fit.

How do you manage health and safety concerns?

We take health and safety seriously

We rigorously comply with applicable local construction requirements and with the FCC’s standards for radio frequency exposure.

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