Connect Mendocino Today

AT&T is committed to expanding internet access in Mendocino County.

AT&T has submitted an application with the County of Mendocino for a new cell site that will provide high speed internet access to eligible homes and small businesses through the Connect America Fund. In addition, the site will help expand 4G LTE cell coverage to unserved areas.

It is important we keep this infrastructure investment for Mendocino County and not lose this opportunity to other communities. Please take action and tell the Planning Commission that you support AT&T’s efforts to expand broadband access in Mendocino County.

The proposed site will connect the County’s rural homes and businesses to the benefits empowered by high-speed internet. In addition, the improved wireless coverage will give residents  the ability to call for emergency services in the event of an accident, to engage with employees or clients outside of the office and allow people to stay connected with family members.